Essay: Racial Profiling on Higher Education Admissions

Essay: Racial Profiling on Higher Education Admissions
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The United States constitution specifically prohibits and discourages selective application of the law on the basis of factors, such as race, religion, ethnicity, color or country of origin, et cetera, however, it does not object to profile-driven activities of the law enforcement agencies as long as race is just one of the many factors taken on board during the profiling process.

At the same time, if members of a certain community feel that they are being subjected to acts of selective application of law, they can challenge any such act under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

We must, however, remember that racial profiling in itself is not a legitimate law enforcement practice since it contradicts the very principles of equality and fairness of law, as enshrined in our constitution.  At the same time, racial profiling does not increase the efficiency of a police force.  On the contrary, it shifts the focus away from preventing crime to preventing certain groups of individual from committing ‘a’ crime.  While this alienates the community in question, breeding resentment and suspicion amongst its members, it also shifts valuable resources away from other community-oriented and/or police-driven activities that are necessary for crime prevention.

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