Essay: Racial Profiling in Law-Enforcement; Admissions

Essay: Racial Profiling in Law-Enforcement; Admissions
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In their defense, educational institutions counter that they only use criminal background screening in their admission process to ensure campus safety, however, we cannot afford to disregard the unfortunate fact that there is a distinct racial component to the US criminal justice system.

For example, even though African-American community only represents 12% of the overall US population, approximately one in every three black youth between the age group of 16-34 now has a criminal record.  This racial exclusion of a certain community from the educational infrastructure on the basis of criminal records is bound to reinforce feelings of alienation on one end of the social spectrum while further criminalizing its members on the other end. (D’Angelo & Douglas, 2006) (Muffler, 2006)

In my opinion, there is an ever-increasing need to properly address the issue of racial profiling by our law enforcement agencies to not only discourage its acceptance in our society and its application by our law enforcement personnel, but also to dismantle any myths of success that have been long associated to this practice.  There is a large body of statistical evidence now available at our disposal to effectively diagnose this flaw in our criminal justice system and to implement corrective measures across the board.

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