Essay: Racial Slavery in ‘The Piano Lesson’ by August Wilson

Essay: Racial Slavery in ‘The Piano Lesson’ by August Wilson
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This paper explores August Wilson’s depiction of the heritage of African America’s un-mourned history in the context of racial slavery in The Piano Lesson (1990).

Wilson places the subject of racism in the midst of the obscured communal remembrance; the experience lived by the African Americans and their customs. Wilson’s drama perfectly depicts the subject of racism as an individual and interpersonal account, refuting the representations that position the African American theme in the truss in which the one individual stands for many. In The Piano Lesson, formulates comparable paths of mental constraints unrelenting by black men and women before liberation through customary practices as they fight for insertion in a segregationist culture that has in the past defeated them.

The stage play directs the theme of racial slavery and its impacts on Charles family:

“The lights come up on the Charles household. It is five o’clock in the morning. The dawn is beginning to announce itself, but there is something in the air that belongs to the night. A stillness that is portent, a gathering, a coming together of something akin to a storm” (Wilson 1.1.1).

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