Essay: Racism

Essay: Racism
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In today’s world, Internet has become an important medium of communication. Not only has it allowed for freedom of speech but also to get the point across globally, faster than any other medium of dissemination information. Though the Internet is full of website which provide position and productive information, this platform has also been used actively by groups dissemination negative ideologies. Once of such ideology is Racism, which is propagated by a large number groups on the Internet.

An important fact to note is that the access to racist propaganda information is not difficult at all. One only needs to know the name of the organization, which can be found in the pages of hate watch organizations as well as encyclopedia websites such as Wikipedia. A search with the same of any racist organization displays the result in which such organization’s website is on the top. Hence, once the website is entered through Google, all the propaganda is then available for access, without any restriction. A large number of websites belonging to racist organizations exist on the Internet. These organizations include White Supremacy groups, Ku Klux Klan as well as Neo Nazi and Black Separatists groups.  A look at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reveals that these groups have presence in every state in the United States while they appear to be pretty organized with individual chapters of each groups existing in each states, while they also display the presence of a strong hierarchy within each chapter (Souther Poverty Law Center). A search on Google also reveals that the racism is a global phenomenon as a large number of organized racist groups exist in nearly all continents promoting their own point of view. Most of the racist propaganda material found on the Internet belongs to White supremacist groups which mostly target Jews and Black. They often accuse Jews of undermining the supremacy of Aryan race which was supposed to be the greatest race on Earth, and often take a posture of being an oppressed group which is making a struggle to claim back what belongs to it. Blacks on the other hand, are accused of being a group of people with inferior traits who have been blessed by an opportunity to live with the white people, and that blacks fail to realize that they owe everything to the white people from teaching them how to live a better life.

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