Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush – Historical Significance

Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush – Historical Significance
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“The Raft of Medusa” was painted by Theodore Gericault in 1819 in support of the prevailing political environment at that time. That was a truth, and this is not. What Witkin did is that he picked up this painting and went on to creating truth out of this fantasy. He called this creation “Raft of George W. Bush”  (Barnes, 1990).

Medusa was a French war boat which sank and the captain along with most of his army viciously seized the seafaring lifeboats. They left all the passengers on board along with the sailors to survive the sinking raft on their own. This was a great example of discrimination among classes.

The Raft of George W. Bush

Similarly, the passengers on the Raft of George W. Bush included his party’s men and his government officials. These can be regarded as the sufferers of their own underlying principles, their conventional superiority, their greed for authority and power in the society, and their one-sided military motives. Witkin tries to show these privileged and authoritative men as sovereigns devoid of clothing. Also called the Ship of Fools, “The Raft of George W. Bush” was created in 2006, with dimensions being 16 × 20 and 38 × 24 inches. The entire work was in silver print (The Raft of George W. Bush, 2009).

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