Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush by Joel-Peter Witkin

Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush by Joel-Peter Witkin
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About the Artist

The human state has unquestionably been Joel-Peter Wilkin power of photography. For more than 20 years he has practiced his concentration in theology and how it collides with the corporal world in which we live. Finding splendor inside the bizarre, Witkin follows this mainstream yet complicated subject among human beings often thrown away or rejected by the community – vision of human beings in forms of anomalous bodily capacities, possessiveness and any existing parable.

His attraction towards other people’s physical structures has remained to be an inspiration for his works that challenge our wisdom, normal behaviors, and politeness, while continuously probing the knowledge passed down to us through Christ. His steady orientation towards the art works of Picasso. Bosch, Velasquez, etc. are evidence of his requirement to generate a new narration of the past for himself (Storck, 2002).

Through his photographs, Witkin reinterprets his unique thought in the last proceeding of admiration. Joel-Peter Witkin’s created world is both scary and exciting at the same time as he seeks to get away from our conception of sexual and bodily attractiveness. Through his descriptions, we increase a superior perceptive about human distinction and forbearance.

What distinguishes Joel-Peter Witkin from his generation is an agitation and wish that escorts him to places that other artists dread to go– the gloomy side where each twinkle of brightness is genuine.

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