Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush

Essay: The Raft of George W. Bush
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The Raft of George W. Bush (2008) is easy to comprehend, intelligent and contentious, things that will pledge its position in the past. It is not intended to alter any rules and strategy, but it might form an edifying pointer chiefly in The United States of America, of a rotary position in the minds of many individuals regarding the foreign policy of America.

Art and politics are enemies and while studying this photography, I realized that some artist, are still shrewd sufficiently to put onward political views, that run opposing to accepted developments.

What Witkin certainly is doing is proving that Art and Photography are competent enough to creating a debate; in that case even jab individual’s principles and especially when it comes to this painting. He is not just strolling his focus on politics or government or democracy.

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