Essay: The Raid of FBI

Essay: The Raid of FBI
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On the other side, Brian O Connor, the agent working for FBI gains information about David Park also. This leads him to the drug lord as well. The story brings two of these old rivals face to face and they are set to race together to win their chance of getting into the team hired for drug transfer.

Dominic wins the race and ends up confronting a man named Fenix who is later discovered as the murderer of Letty. Brian uses the authority of FBI to get into the team by arresting one of their group members Dwight for the illegal sale of chemical. When the event comes ahead, Dominic realizes the importance of drivers as throwaway items since the leaders are not willing to pay them instead. They counterattack the team and succeed in pulling drugs from them forcing them to arrange an exchange for it.

Later, at the exchange point, Dominic and Connor discover that Campos is indeed Braga himself disguising to confuse everyone. The raid of FBI becomes messed up and Braga escapes the situation. Brian and Dominic chase after him and are successful in captivating him this time. Followed by Braga’s group, they chase each other again and once crossing the United States border, Dominic kills Fenix, devastating him with his own car. They bring him back to USA where trial and imprisonment becomes his destiny. Finally Dominic also comes under trial with the plea submitted by Connor; he is sentenced to a 25 years jail time. The last scene of the movie shows Dominic’s group along with Connor himself chasing the bus shipping Dominic to jail signifying his release illegally.

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