Essay: Real Life Prostitute Turned Serial Killer

Essay: Real Life Prostitute Turned Serial Killer
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The movie scrutinizes the killer’s own wisdom of hallucination and anxiety, depicting her as a broken woman who becomes a source of punishing angel in some manner. His path to self-destruction starts when she kills her first victim who tries to rape and murder her, after beating her up profusely. Later when she decides to find a legitimate job, she is not accepted by any employer as she does not have a resume, degrees or experience. On the other hand, Selby is depending on her to provide her with food and shelter. After this economically shot movie over, the audience feels that they are actually lived the life of Aileen Wuornos and can realize what a hopeless, despaired life is like. Jenkins’ severe move toward reality suits the subject of her movie very well (Shulman).

The ultimate goal of bringing this real-life prostitute –turned- serial killer, was to inform people about the harsh realities of life, choosing the wrong people, making the wrong decisions and being outlawed by the society. It was the male chauvinist society for Aileen who decides that she should be thrown out of the house, it was a harsh reality of life that she has to learn to feed herself, it was the wrong person she fell in love with, it was a wrong decision to kill people just to keep your love alive.

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