Essay: Reasons for Choosing Frame Relay over ATM

Essay: Reasons for Choosing Frame Relay over ATM
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Asynchronous Transfer Mode or ATM standard was released after X.25 and Frame Relay and offers several advantages and some major disadvantages over Frame Relay. ATM has been designed to handle data as well as video and voice traffic in real time, which can occur at the same time (TechFAQ, 2009) . The First advantage of ATM is that it can emulate direct circuits between source and destination and can guarantee bandwidth for connections, a feature that lacks in frame relay, and one of the main reasons of choosing ATM over Frame Relay.

ATM also allows for flexible bandwidth allocation which can go from few megabytes up to gigabytes (Exforsys Inc., 2009). However, ATM does have a disadvantage because of large header size, which is about 10% of the basic unit of ATM transport, a Cell. Although both offer similar features such as burst rate features, congestion avoidance techniques and traffic shaping strategies (TechFAQ, 2009), ATM Network are not able to compete with Frame Relay, despite added advantages, when it comes to implementation on WANs. The biggest reason for this is WANs are usually characterized by high speed data transfers Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Excessive Information Rate (EIR) hence ATM network do not offer much advantage over Frame Relay on WANs. Another thing that was considered when comparison was done between ATM and Frame Relay was that since ATM is a newer technology and offer much more over Frame Relay in other features, the equipment which is used to deploy them is very expensive as compare to Frame Relay (Greene, 2007). This was an important factor in our decision as Frame Relay is much more cost effective to implement here then ATM.

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