Essay: Reasons for Multiple Licenses for Microsoft Office

Essay: Reasons for Multiple Licenses for Microsoft Office
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There are a number of reasons due to which Microsoft distributes it MS Office suites in various packages or licenses. The first reason is that MS Office is not a free product. It costs a significant amount of money to purchase the license of MS Office Professional. Therefore, in order to keep the prices within the reach of its customer, Microsoft has developed several licenses which allow the user to use different combination of products. Another reason for multiple licensing is that different types of users have different demand, and do not require the use of all software.

For Example, a student may use MS Word and PowerPoint but his or her use of MS Excel will be a lot less and MS Access will rarely used. Compare this, to a Business Environment, where not only the use of MS Word and PowerPoint is extensive but MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Access are also used a lot.  Therefore, purchasing license for only those products which are used seems a more logical and feasible solution (Microsoft Corporation, 2009).

Applications Used for Online Classes

Taking online classes require reading and writing of essays, reports and papers as well as viewing and making presentations.  Therefore MS Word and MS PowerPoint are the most likely applications that would be used when taking online classes. Sometime the presentations, papers and reports would require tables and graphs as well. For this purpose MS Excel will be used. Online classes would also require the use Microsoft Windows to run the applications and Microsoft Internet Explorer application for the Internet browsing or MS Office Outlook if the material is transferred via e-mail.

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