Essay: Reasons why the gay ban should be repealed

Essay: Reasons why the gay ban should be repealed
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Belkin suggests that if this loss in recruitment and the current trend of recalling soldiers who are ending their current rotations continue, the army would be picked apart by the news media. He cites editorials which have appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, the Denver Post and USA today all supporting lifting the ban on gays in the U.S military.

He particularly specifies certain editorial titles including the Chicago Tribune’s entitled “A Self-Inflicted Military Wound.” Belkin suggests that though conservative news organizations are still supporting the military, continued defense of this policy will put the military in a negative light and give reporters more ammunition to criticize their efforts. This may in turn increase criticism from the public as well and affect their impression of the military. Belkin also suggests how such an action will give more power to antimilitary activists who have sought to curb military activities within the United States. These groups have shown great opposition against recruitment on school and college campuses and ROTC programs (Belkin, 2008).

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