Essay: Recidivating Drug Offenders

Essay: Recidivating Drug Offenders
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Problem Statement

Can you imagine yourself being named as a distributor of cocaine? Numerous days later, you meet up with your legal representative to talk about the awaiting sentencing trial. Your legal representative explains that since you have two preceding conviction for similar actions, the judge is compelled to inflict a longer verdict than a first time criminal would be given.

Then you listen to the shocking news since the prosecutor selected to file a verdict improvement, your criminal history is added up alongside you two times under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. Had the prosecutor determined in opposition to filing the improvement, your unlawful documentation would have only been augmented once, ensuring in a considerably shorter period of imprisonment. The following research paper is built to analyze the reasons for recidivism in drug offenders, current sentencing extends for repeated or recidivating drug offenders and aims to look at their effectiveness in the current Drug Law and what methods if applied will be beneficial for reducing recidivism.


Sentence extents for all crimes moved up in U.S. locality enclosures for nearly half a 100 years, from 1945 to 1991[1]. Average judgment extends for drug crimes furthermore displayed an up tendency throughout this time, except for a couple of minor drops over the years. A minor down high ground tendency in judgment extends for drug crimes took location throughout the 1990s through 2001, pursued by an upturn in 2002 and 2003.

[1] Seiter, R.P. The drug trade and the American criminal justice system. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2005.

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