Essay: Causes of Recidivism among Drug Offenders

Essay: Causes of Recidivism among Drug Offenders
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There are both social and psychological causes for this recidivating drug problem[1]. The most common among the psychological reasons are either personality disorders or the outcomes of social education and strengthening on drug-taking behaviors. When we look at the drug offenders closely, we see that disorders affecting your behavior or personality are very commonly found as compared to those refrain from a drug offense. Some dispute that this is because individuals who have low confidence or a lack of enthusiasm, they have a strong craving to free themselves from their troubles and, for most, drugs provide the most obtainable choice.

Still, there are people who argue that drug offense behaviors are obtained and sustained through an education procedure. The individual who is open to the elements of optimistic views on drug consumption at home and by friends is more probable to hold those views and ill-treatment of drugs. There are many societal reasons to drug offense as well. These include symbolic interactionist perspective, functionalist perspective, and conflict perspective[2]. The symbolic interactionist perspective is comparable to that of the psychosomatic viewpoint of learning. The sociologists, who use the symbolic interactionist perspective, consider that there are a drug subculture and the additional instant a person spends with that subculture, the more he or she separated from people not in that society, thus leading to drug abuse. Another part of the emblematic interactionist viewpoint is the classification theory. According to sociologists believe that once an individual is known as a drug addict it is very hard for him/her to quit the habit since the society keeps him accountable for their performance, rather than identifying the habit as a social problem.

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