Essay: Reconstructive Memory

Essay: Reconstructive Memory
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One other condition that the film uses quite effectively without directly referring to it is the creation of false memories. This is evidenced by the film’s ending where the character of Teddy tells Leonard how he uses the character of Sammy Jankis in order to cover up his own failings with his wife. The creation of such memories is used by the lead character is used to hide the traumatic and emotional memory of experiencing this condition with his wife. In order to process this memory, the main character uses a method known as reconstructive memory where he fills in the missing elements of his distorted memory (III and McDermott).

It also shows accurately the limited understanding of modern medical science in regards to the human mind and how there is no cure or proper diagnostic criteria for this condition which exists today. The film, however, does show a scene where a layman insurance investigator attempts to ascertain whether one of his clients his lying about the condition by using electrified blocks in an attempt to create a learned response from Mr. Jankis. His subsequent failure in doing so and his disregard and disbelief towards his condition shows the current societal opinion regarding the validity of this disease and the perception of it at large.

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