Essay: Redefining the Basics of Fashion

Essay: Redefining the Basics of Fashion
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Therefore, while fashion is providing individuality, it is also creating a collective identity hence, redefining the basics of fashion. Fashion hence, cannot persist as a singular when the basics have redefined its sense of singularity.

While the individuals represent a singular fashion sense, it is also representative of the group sense of fashion and vice-versa hence, outlining “fashions” in a collective form.

Another famous theory which deals with fashion is that Blumer’s which defines fashion as the process of collective selection.

According to this theory, the elite are not merely mere passive participants in the fashion process but in fact such participants who play an active role and in fact, are the first ones to identify the way the fashion will develop. According to Blumer’s they, fashion are one of the important mechanisms which is used to create order in the modern society and hence, is given greater prominence than it has been given in other theories. Hence, if one was to analyze the role of fashion in this sense that fashion does exist as “fashions” as different mechanisms operate for the modern society of today.

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