Essay: Reduced Instruction Set Computers

Essay: Reduced Instruction Set Computers
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Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) refers to small computer devices which operate using a simplified set of instructions, than an average PC. This leverages them to be much more mobile and small, and hence they are preferred to be used for purposes where use of larger information systems is difficult. These devices have found their use in many organizations worldwide, which use them to bring automation to processes such as sales, purchase and inventory management. These devices provide a low cost, cost effective platform which the businesses use to speed up the process of sales and purchase order processing as well as stock management within the warehouse and distribution centre. These organizations provide their Sales, Marketing, Procurement and Warehouse teams with these handheld devices, which are then used to record the information from their activities. These devices allow for wireless connectivity for transportation of the recorded data to information system, where the data is processed and stored for future use (Yacano 2009).

Use of Identification Systems

Many organizations worldwide have already implemented newer measures in order to monitor the performance of their employees as well as to control their access the various resources. These measures include the use of Biometric Identification System. A Biometric Identification system works by making decision on biometric characteristic matching. By matching the biometric characteristic, such as voice or finger print of an employee, a Biometric system take decision to allow or deny the access of a particular resource for that employee. The concept behind biometric identification system is that human characteristics such as fingerprints can hardly be duplicated and therefore only the person having those characteristics should be present in order for a biometric system to allow access. Organization also use the biometrics system to automate human resource processes such as attendance as well as to implement a cost effective enhance security process with no human involvement (Aditech Infotect 2009).

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