Essay: Reducing Recidivism through implementation Rehabilitative Programs

Essay: Reducing Recidivism through implementation Rehabilitative Programs
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There are many different ways in which we can measure the efficiency of rehabilitative programs being carried out by prisons. This is not only evident from the rate of recidivism; rather it can also result in a decline of substance abuse rates and augmentation in employment rates and academic levels[1]. Nonetheless, recidivism presents a more encircling assessment of pains of a prison’s efforts to regenerate convicts. Prisons, rather the US Criminal Justice System is focusing more on rehabilitation than punishment and includes different rehabilitation programs.

Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM)

VOM is commonly carried out by the confrontation of the victim and the offender in the presence of a trained mediator[2]. The victim has a chance to clarify his position by informing the parties about what happened and what are their feelings now and previously. The mediator is a very important support for the two people and needs to bring clarity between the two people so there can be a path to reconciliation between the two.

[1] Hudson, C. (2003). Basic skills provision for offenders on prohibition supervision: Beyond the rhetoric of evidence-based policy? British journal of educational studies, 51, 64-81

[2] Hudson, 3

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