Essay: Relating Comic Heroes to Mythology

Essay: Relating Comic Heroes to Mythology
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Let us take a look now and find some interesting similarities and differences between comic heroes and mythological characters.

To start off with, comic heroes are merely fictional characters while in case of the mythological characters, a slight possibility exists that they actually did exist in reality at some point in time. Although comic heroes also seem like real life characters but the magic behind it lies in the hands of the creators and writers who add this excitement to these characters. Another major factor that distinguishes the comic heroes and mythological characters is that most of the comic heroes projected have one or more abnormal attributes attached to them and have extraordinary powers with them even though. This however is not the case with mythological characters and they appear to be more humanly but they may in some case look physically extraordinary or abnormal like the monster with hundred eyes namely Argos or a character of Hindu mythology having 12 heads.

In conclusion, the fact of the matter is that both the characters are heroes. They do good stuff; they teach us something or the other worth learning. Apart from that, they are born with some super natural power that enables them to fight the evil.

Research does reveal a possibility of actual existence of the mythological characters. Archeologists have also found evidence buried under the ground of the palace of Knossos was the great Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. Also in the palace they found jars of food, which probably meant something lived down there.

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