Essay: Relational database concepts

Essay: Relational database concepts
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Database Management System (DBMS) is a crucial part of any Information System. It provides an organized way to store and retrieve data while also providing control for access to the data. The use of DBMS has become a norm in today’s application especially commercial application which require storage of large amount of data regarding different process that they cater to. When designing databases, database modeling is an important step in creating the real database structure.

This modeling can be done using a number of modeling techniques. In this paper we will attempt to model a database for a skateboard shop using hierarchical, network and relational modeling techniques.

The Scenario

The client, Mr. Fernando Culebra is a renowned skateboarder who has proven his mettle over local and national grounds and the passion for this sport has led him to open up a sports store mainly emphasizing on skateboarding gear and equipment. The store is launched a couple of months ago and the revenues are generated on high scales. Due to the worth of the sportsman itself, the sales seem to rise in near future and eventually it would be difficult to manage the entire information single handedly. Therefore an idea of designing a compact database is essential to cater the requirements of the store.

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