Essay: Relationship between customer and company

Essay: Relationship between customer and company
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The decisions made with regard to this situation is sensitive in the sense that it may affect the relationship between the customers and the company while at the same time affecting my relationship with other managers. If the client’s concerns are genuine then this may negatively affect the level of trust among the company employees and some individuals may be fired. It has been observed that certain unusual events do occur by chance. (HyperStat Online Contents, 2008) However, most of these occurrences are as a result of human error or a deliberate effort to defraud the company. Statistics will, therefore, ensure that the level of error is minimized and that the truth is realized. It would be improbable that all our clients are wrong about the quantity of our paints in the same way that the senior management of the company may be wrong about the same. The only logical explanation could be that either our paints loses some of its weight on their way to the market or someone siphons them on their way to the market.

There could also be the possibility of our paints having some characteristics that make it ‘dissolve’ slowly hence making them reduce in weight. However, all these hypotheses are testable in the sense that the statistician may conduct a follow up an experiment on the tested samples after some period of time to ascertain if they actually lose weight on their way to the market. (Elmer,1999, p.13) The assumption is that the previous experiment proved that the quantity is more than that indicated on the cans. Either way, one of the theories will have to be supported by experimentation while the other will have to be refuted. There may not arise a situation whereby both the theories are true or false.

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