Essay: Relationship between public and police

Essay: Relationship between public and police
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From the onset, we have shown the relationship between the public and the police. We have also strongly emphasized the need to have a public-police relationship and indeed a friendly relationship. In this regard, crowds or any conglomeration of a people say, a group of street protestors or youths should never be regarded as security threats but should be seen as opportunities for safety.

This, in my opinion, is the greatest civilization that a state can attain. Civilization exists in those states where people see the police as friends and not as enemies as this is the widely held perception globally. You will bear me witness that there are people who are always on the run whenever they see the police around them. They run away with no apparent reason and yet they are not criminals. I agree that sometimes police do create this fear and attitude especially in the youths and it does not help. To reiterate, fear of the police does not imply that people are law-abiding rather it is a manifestation of immaturity as citizens. Communities should join the police and as such be 100% involved in the policing endeavors. Communities should be the eyes of the police.

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