Essay: Relationship between Social Inequality and Health

Essay: Relationship between Social Inequality and Health
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It is increasingly being recognized that a community’s racial and ethnic background can be equally responsible for its lack of economic opportunities, hence the resultant poverty, and its poor access to healthcare facilities.But what is also being recognized is that while this may hold true in both Birmingham and Philadelphia, its manifestations would be remarkably different in both these remarkably different societies and hence there are no tailor-made solutions that can be applied across the board.  Instead, the social milieu of each community and its level of economic prosperity in tandem shape and determine the size and character of its healthcare infrastructure, and the culture that it espouses.

Successive British governments have continued to use infant mortality and life expectancy as indicators to assess the efficacy of the country’s healthcare facilities and, in turn, determine the extent of socioeconomic inequalities plaguing our society in general and the healthcare infrastructure in particular.  Following its election victory in the May of 1997, the Labour government made a policy pledge to reduce the widening gap in infant mortality and life expectancy between the country’s rich and poor by 10% between the years of 1997 and 2010.

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