Essay: Release of Windows XP

Essay: Release of Windows XP
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Windows XP is also very good on providing stability. In terms of security it is overcoming the ‘dll hell’ (Indiana University) problem that came out to be the biggest shortcoming in previous versions. It has got a protected memory by using NT protocols in it, this helps the system when any executable file is tried being executed by more than one applications resulting system malfunctioning (Indiana University). Therefore, the system is stable to an extent that a single corrupted file cannot crash the whole system.

There had always been two classes of Windows, one for domestic use or small offices. The other class was for professional purposes using version NT till 2000. Release of Windows XP fused both of them together (Indiana University). Its professional and home editions are being used widely and are very popular but its 64-bit version is only restricted to few people due to a highly advanced technology incorporated in it. There are other versions of windows XP as well designed for different sets of people.

Hence, Windows XP is serving at its best and still improving. After the emergence of Windows Vista its popularity has not lessen to a greater extent and the users are still using it.

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