Essay: Reliance Upon God

Essay: Reliance Upon God
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His book Experiments and Observations on Electricity was published in London. He even organized a Night Watch and Militia to help keep peace and safety in Philadelphia. While in Paris, He proposed the idea of Daylight Savings Time. (Franklin, 1996)

Franklin preserves the Puritan concern for self-improvement but removes its secular orientation. The traditional comparison between Franklin and his Puritan antecedents remains constructive. For instance, Puritan scriptures stress their author’s reliance upon God for grace and salvation and their lack of ability to attain virtue without it, Franklin on the other hand, focuses on his own practices to earn the knowledge of what is virtuous in this world and to put his discoveries and inventions to use in his life. Similarly, the views of Cotton Mather and Franklin about compassion can be contrasted. And the views of Edward, who attempted to understand the world under the radiance of Puritan hypothesis about God and humanity, can be compared to Franklin also since he states principles and experiences more important than faith. Franklin can be compared to the English prose writers of its time as well. He preferred reason, sense and experience over assumption and emotion both and showed his gratitude for these writers of his era. The creativity of various characters and the use of satire, echoes Swift’s satire though the effects are entirely dissimilar. The style also obliges much to the instances of Defoe, Addison and Steele respectively (Larson, 1995).

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