Essay: Religion and Teachings of Endurance-Neoconservatism

Essay: Religion and Teachings of Endurance-Neoconservatism
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After all is said and done one is left wondering what is the role of religion to the western people especially with the conflicting ideas from every Conner? Putting in mind the scientific research already done and put on the table for them to use; This will always push them in a situation where they are to balance between the two: the religious aspect and the societal aspects too. Freud ever said that there is a ‘soft voice of reason’ (Foucault, 1980, p. 139) by this he meant that human beings are always on the struggle to rise above the unconscious need and instinct to operate as a responsible ethical manager in the society. John Grays says that along with evangelical revivals, there is a possibility of excess of stylish religions.

There is likely to be a profusion of designer religions, combining science and science fiction, racketeering and psychobabble and can spread like internet viruses. Religion, though not respected by many, brings about teachings on endurance, and also enabled human beings to change and create the primitive religious impulses (Foucault, 1980) by redirecting their energies and calculating their crazy behaviors. The two also contain a way of creating the inner space so that one knows the road that heads towards the glimmers of kindness, empathy and trust.

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