Essay: Religion and the Western Countries -Neoconservatism

Essay: Religion and the Western Countries -Neoconservatism
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The bad blood between the religious and the western countries is as a result misunderstanding between the religion on the Asian side and the secular life. These wars are bred in a condition of political stability, financial disparities.

These are some of the main reasons why Bin laden and his desperate killers targeted the final symbols of Western worldly authority-the twin tower and the Pentagon and maybe having other places targeted already it could be white house. Have you ever imagine what will happen if the Islamist militants win, the so called war on terror, then it may mean that Osama bin laden may be a hero of the twenty-first century or even the coming millennium. People who live in cities like London and United States can live together in tolerance yet they are of different origin, having different cultures and living different lifestyle.

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