Essay: Relying on the Food of Cafeteria

Essay: Relying on the Food of Cafeteria
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As some of the schools do not allow the children to bring their lunch or there are some other reasons for relying on the food of cafeteria, the children are bound to eat from the cafeterias of their alma maters as they are not given enough choices regarding their food. The food provided by the cafeteria may not be as nutritious as it is bound to be according to the laws of the country and it may transgress the limits provided by the government as how much fats are to be included in the food of the children or how much nutritious are to be included in the food so as to reach the criteria set by the government.

In the non-privatized sector schools, the condition of the cafeteria is not as improved as is in private schools. But the parents of the children have always been apprehensive about the food their children would be taking when they are away from home in the pursuit of education. The parents have always demanded that their children must be provided healthy food which meets the ‘nutritritional standards’ (Kennedy & Quick, 2003).

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