Essay: Relying on other product selection procedures

Essay: Relying on other product selection procedures
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It may be argued that since a person with visual difficulties may find it difficult to select from the shelves the exact product he or she may wish to purchase, it will mean that this kind of consumer relies on other selection procedures including smell, taste and the trust he or she has with the sellers. The issue of trust implies that the sales team depending on the trust he has for them can convince a consumer.

According to Baker et al (2007), the consumers with different disabilities are very different but they should viewed as customers and thus satisfied with the products they are being supplied with. Customers with disabilities are known to be very loyal and with a high spending power of over $175 billion in a year. Whenever they shop from a firm and feel appreciated, well served and satisfied, it is very difficult for them to move from that specific shop (JJs List, 2010). They should thus be considered as a very special type of a market segment because of their loyalty.

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