Essay: Remington Hair Straightener

Essay: Remington Hair Straightener
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This paper is going to educate the purpose and functionality of the Remington Pure Ceramic Technology Hair Straightener. The functionality of the product is elaborated to instruct beauty conscious ladies and professionals, the method of straighten their hair for certain occasions.

General Description

The Remington Hair Straightener can straighten any types of hair without damaging the texture and color of the hair. It is constructed to straighten the hair at any time comfortably. It is made up of reinforced plastic and ceramic parts and measures just about 13 inches long, excluding the power cable and it uses ceramic heating technology to straighten the curly hair at all times..

Functional Definition

The system’s functionality is based on the ceramic heating technology which enables the user to style different hair types with a gentle radiant heat that styles the hair faster than any other product without damaging the hair. The ceramic plates placed on each inverted side of the ionizers, produces healthy heat allowing the user to pull and snap the ends of their hair more easily. This process can be repetitively followed to straighten as many types of hair as required without discomfort.

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