Essay: The Republic

Essay: The Republic
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Plato, in The Republic, sets an illusionary world in form of the allegory of the cave. Plato’s imagination says that humans have been imprisoned in a cave since their birth. They cannot look in any  direction except they can only look straight, not behind them or to the side. On the wall  there are shadows of people, trees, and animals. For them this is the real world and one day he escapes this unreal world and realized what the world in reality is. Though difficult in adjusting to this reality, when he finally does, he returns and tells other people about it.

This is a metaphor of reality where the person tends to break his barriers and perceive reality for the first time.

We can see Neo pulling himself out of a similar cave in the first Matrix film (Boettke, 2003). When unplugged he realizes that The Matrix was an illusionary creation and that all humans around him should be told about this reality.

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