Essay: Research Bias

Essay: Research Bias
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The study contains researcher bias as it becomes evident when the participants selected for the study are mainly ‘white’ while the population of the U.S or even in the States, where the study was mainly conducted, is comprised of people from diverse community. The sample does not represent the population to whom the study may have some importance. The reason for researcher bias is neither reflected in the discussion in the study nor does the researcher herself state the reason as what makes her to select white majority as participants to study the single father’s population.

Important Concepts

The study revisits the important concepts of individualist and structuralist theories which are important to identify whether ‘single fathers can be viable primary caretakers for young children’ (Risman, 1986, p.95). The individualist theory is defined as a predictor of a single father’s lack of motivation and ‘expressive skills’ in the provision of ‘intense intimacy’ necessary for young children (Risman, 1986, p.96). While the researcher defines structuralist theory as it suggests that social context mainly determines the role of a single father.

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