Essay: Research findings on female economy

Essay: Research findings on female economy
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The conclusions made in the article are derived from a logical and comprehensive evaluation of the research findings. The article draws from insights on the future outlook of the world’s economy and the effects of the ever growing female workforce. The future of most companies lies at the hand of women as they make up the majority of the world’s consumer spenders.

Furthermore, as the research sought to answer the research questions it studies various segments which define women and their consumer needs. As the article concludes that women will continue to experience challenges in such areas, companies must target the specific needs of women. Women are seen to respond to services which encourage love, care and respect which provide a clear picture of what companies should do in order to accrue more sales. The article has in no way illustrated limitations for the research which indicates a subjective form of study. It is crucial to indicate shortcomings of a study and cite areas where more research should be carried out. Nevertheless, the article is indeed quite informative and provides ample insights for marketers and companies dealing with women consumers.

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