Essay: Research Internship Program

Essay: Research Internship Program
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I am interested in this opportunity to participate in the Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research as this unique prospect will provide me with research knowledge while working at the key institution with nationwide renowned cancer physicians.

Different advantages I foresee from this Research Internship Program include getting hands-on experience in scientific research working with foremost scientists, the chance to focus on nursing in specific types of cancer, the likelihood to work directly with patients, opportunities to partake in a variety of research studies, learn about relative pathology and comparative oncology proposals in human biomedical research. Thus, at the same time gain knowledge from formal lectures and seminars targeted to students. Moreover, with this I will be able to choose a better career for myself once I discover the many specialized roles carried out by biomedical scientists working in a research environment and learn from the experiences of oncology students from other colleges across the nation.

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