Essay: Research objectives on Physical Therapy

Essay: Research objectives on Physical Therapy
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It is hypothesised that patients have preferences for treatments and that they will gain more benefit when receiving therapies they favour than therapies that they do not favour.  In order to test this hypothesis the trial objectives are:

1             To compare the improvement in disability scores for patients participating in choosing which physical therapy to receive for back pain with the improvement in disability scores for patients allocated their treatment by the physiotherapist in the normal way.

2             To identify personal characteristics that may modify the clinical effect of exercising preference.  It is hypothesised that locus of control will be an important factor but other characteristics will be examined to give direction to future studies.

People to be included for the study are all people, regardless of gender or ethnic origin, between 18 and 65 years referred by a general practitioner or hospital consultant with a diagnosis of mechanical low back pain with or without leg pain and/or neurological signs. Patients who are to start physical therapy for the first times will be included in this study where as those patients who have undergone physical therapy in the past must not have had physical therapy in the past 6 months to be included in the study. [A six month gap is required for follow up patient so that any prior influence of their doctors recommendations can be eliminated].Only those patients meeting these criteria are included in the study.

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