Essay: Research on Outsourcing HR Services

Essay: Research on Outsourcing HR Services
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Outsourcing is an important aspect in the human resources management. This research paper examines the human resource issues and the relationship to HR outsourcing from the perspective of those HR professionals who have been most affected by outsourcing those displaced, those transitioned, and those who were retained. In order to evaluate these factors, this study will be designed based in the previous studies.

Since the research involves a wide scope at international level, secondary data will be used. This data will be collected from websites, companies’ reports and data from scholars who have already carried out research on the same issue.  A set of hypotheses will be proposed to determine the degree that these factors are perceived as issues in outsourcing. Each will be presented in its research and null form. A major issue under this study is whether it is perceived that outsourced employees benefited more from the outsourcing initiative than did those who were retained by the outsourcing company.

Another issue, though not hypotheses, will examine how employees perceived their attitudes about outsourcing affected the quality of service they provide and the impact of the success of the outsourcing relationship. Finally, results from this research will be compared to the Management Action Plan and the….

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