Essay: Research On Physiotherapy; A narration

Essay: Research On Physiotherapy; A narration
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The selection process proposed for the study does not attempt to exclude or segregate patients who are follow up patients from the new ones. Old patients who usually undergo or follow recommendations of their doctors may get influenced by their doctors into choosing selected procedures.Since this is a single centre study, doctor preferences will play an influencing and distorting role in the proposed study.. This may cause many patients in the preference group to choose a single form of therapy and ignore other modes; hence this will lead to decreased validity of the results.

In the proposed study, you stated that conventional informed consent will invalidate the results as it will discourage some from taking part in the study and /or will lead to the control group try to exert more influence over the choice of their therapy. Hence the proposal calls for modified consent to be used.  The problem with this is that even in modified informed consent, it is the right of the patient to know what is being studied by their participation and since the study only attempts to tackle one basic question, which involves patient preferences and treatment outcomes, modified consent cannot be practically enforced without letting them know about this study’s area of deliberation. I.e. blinding of the study cannot be guaranteed by this proposal

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