Essay: Research on Quantitative Methods in Education

Essay: Research on Quantitative Methods in Education
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This mode of research then becomes a popular tool in the hands of researchers who then try to not only ‘explain, predict’ but to also, ‘control physical phenomena’ as they have been doing so for centuries. Similarly, in the field of educational research this becomes the major method that is used in order to understand and comprehend educational issues.

Thus, it manages to address all the major factors that build up a good sound educational system. Its greatest advantage is then in the fact, that it then not only addresses those topics, but also finds problems and defects that need to be tackled with. This means, that scientific theory is then devised that goes on to help in the discovery of ‘general principles’ that can be used in order to help interpret human behavior as well as can be used to explain them with the help of examples and explanations that can be verified at any stage. This then leads to their ability of being able to profile and ‘control events in educational situations.’(Ary, D., Jacobs, L.C., Razavieh, A. & Sorensen, C. (2009))

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