Essay: Research on Quantitative Methods

Essay: Research on Quantitative Methods
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He has been quoted to have had stated in 1912,‘to my great surprise, the question threw consternation into the camp. The first to respond was a very popular professor of psychology engaged in training teachers in the West. He said, in effect, that the question was one which could never be answered; and he gave me a rather severe drubbing for taking up the time of such an important body of educators in asking them silly questions.’ (pp. 17-18)

This then led to a revolution as far as research was considered in the fields of the education and the likes, paving the way to even greater discoveries in the field in the hands of brilliant researchers, such as Edward L. Thorndike who used ‘documentary analysis to determine the frequency of the use of words in the English Language.’ (Ary, D., Jacobs, L.C., Razavieh, A. & Sorensen, C. (2009))

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