Essay: Research Results on Obesity

Essay: Research Results on Obesity
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The genetic part of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of development was emphasized with the question, “Were your parents and any of your siblings overweight?  Yes/No.”  The answer was Yes.

To measure the influence of sociocultural factors about the obesity of the thirty year old subjects, questions were presented to get information about how her parents reacted to her overfeeding in addition to how her feeding practices actually were.  The interview was further asked, “How do you spend time with your friends?” and “How do you spend time with your overweight friends?”  The answers showed that the subject included eating in her activities.  One of the questions concerned television watching.  The subject informed the researcher that she watches a good deal of television.

Finally, the interviewee was asked why she would want to lose weight.  Her answer was, “To have a steady boyfriend.”  Sociocultural factors revealed themselves to be a major influence another time when the participant was asked, “What is the worst thing about being overweight?” and “Who would you blame for being overweight?”  The answers to these questions were, “I don’t have a steady boyfriend now” and “My parents,” respectively.

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