Essay: Research Techniques used in Physical Therapy

Essay: Research Techniques used in Physical Therapy
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After the randomisation and the grouping process the patient’s preferences in the groups will be made known to the doctors and physiotherapists. The therapists will provide the patients with the therapy unless the doctors/ physiotherapists feel the preferred therapy may cause harm to the patient, in which case the patient will be provided with the doctors recommended therapy and will be considered as part of the control group.Those patients who have no preference to treatment or are willing to be randomised even though they do have preferences will be provided treatments which are randomly selected.

All groups will receive therapy from the range of standard physiotherapy techniques available in the department.

Using self assessment methods, we will therefore be comparing outcomes between groups who preferred a certain therapy and the groups which were assigned the same therapy through random selection. Hence this will enable the influence of preference to be analyzed and compared in all therapeutic modalities and will therefore provide us with information about interaction between patient preferences and therapy outcomes.

There are no laboratory tests or imaging techniques for assessing response to therapy for back pain.  The primary outcome measure to be used for this trial is the Oswestry Back Pain Disability Questionnaire (ODQ).  The Quebec back pain disability questionnaire is a relatively new instrument that shows promising psychometric properties.  It will be used alongside the ODQ and comparisons of their performance made.

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