Essay: Resistance of African American Women

Essay: Resistance of African American Women
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The very term resistance is likely to come whenever the issue of the role of women in the civil rights movement or the Harlem Renaissance is discussed. The history of modern African American is dissected into four themes which are considered to have connected with each other. The four themes are, as Hine describes, ‘the civil war and emancipation, the Great Migrations, the Civil rights movement, and the changing status of Black women’ (Hine 126). Resistance can be in the form of passive or it can be active.

Active resistance is considered to be more efficacious than the passive one as it depends on direct reaction and struggle. While passive resistance implies ignoring the actors against whom the resistance is meant to be directed.

Shorten-Gooden researched to find out the strategies that the African American women used to resist and she comes to identify that they used ‘coping strategies’ to escape the dangers of ‘racism and sexism’ (Shorter-Gooden 406). The strategies include ‘internal coping strategies’ as well as ‘external coping strategies’ which include seeking aid from one’s faith and belief and forefathers and consistent reliance on ‘social support’ (Shorter-Gooden 406).

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