Essay: Respect for Individual Rights

Essay: Respect for Individual Rights
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It must also be taken into consideration that the title of crime and criminal are only attributed to certain individuals and situations based upon the considerations of a governmental body. It must be taken into consideration in regards to the risk/reward ratio, whether the government that the society lives under truly has respect for individual rights, needs and privileges or it merely imposes these laws without any consideration for the personal requirements of individuals. For example, if there is increased rate of unemployment in the country, then the crime rate for that nation will increase as a direct result of its effects on the population.

A research paper which combined findings from two studies, one which looked at the genetic susceptibility for identical twins and fraternal twins to commit crimes and the other concerns genetic susceptibility in children who are adopted. The study found that there was a greater chance of identical twins committing crimes as when compared to fraternal twins. With the rate of heritable criminality for identical twins being almost double in comparison. In the case of adoption studies the research differentiated the parents according to them possessing environmental and genetic factors.

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