Essay: Results of BSC Strategy

Essay: Results of BSC Strategy
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The BSC strategy was implemented throughout the hospital and the results in every quadrant were positive as can be seen above. Along with other departments, the IT department also played a great deal with the development of their database which was used for measuring the results achieved. UHS installed StratVison, which “has a reputation of delivering quality to each of its clients. Since its founding in 1989, Dr. Darrel Edwards and his team have helped hundreds of major automotive, advertising, government, and consumer organizations around the world”  (Strategic Vision, 2010).

This software at UHS helped in the accomplishment of checking and treatment, particularly development towards objectives that were established earlier. This software kept a record of the history of treatments being provided to each patient along with the costs which were born. This led the organization to bring improvement to it performance management in all the four quadrants of the BSC. UHS San Antonio, therefore, utilized the Balanced Scorecard to apprehend its vision of extending their patients along with their families, considerably good care of the highest eminence inside a competently working association.

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