Essay: Rights of Slaves

Essay: Rights of Slaves
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In Elkin’s work, he wrote that the legal system had also declared the discriminatory rights for the blacks. He has discussed some facets of a slave’s rights legally. The family institution was dismantled by the slave traders. There had been the rights for the slaves for getting married and having a family, disciplinary powers, property and other civilian rights but never restored. He perceived from such societies southern lifestyle got benefits out of breaking these rights of slaves and the children had a brought up of a women only because they borne of slave mothers and unknown master fathers (Linda, 2006).

The jury of southern America understood this universal kind of law that the father of the slaves is unknown and a husband without any rights of owning the slave women and proper marriage. Therefore this suggests that the slaves had no proper rights, rather they were being victimized by the discriminatory laws. Even a murder of any black by white was not taken into action by the law. Property and shelter rights were also reliant on the doldrums of master. Hence the black had no rights to write a will, to own anything, to inherit anything, and most of all he even did not own himself without the will of his master. His unconditional and utter bounds used to make him miserable and rebellious (Linda, 2006).

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