Essay: Rikki’s character in burning chrome

Essay: Rikki’s character in burning chrome
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Rikki comes to the lives of the hackers as an innocent 19 or 20-year-old girl. However, after she leaves their working area in a mess, all her belongings spread all over; she goes into a hotel with another boy. When she gets into their premises for the first time, her unquestioning gesture is suspicious. She stands and watches Jack as if she understands all he is doing. Maybe by proposing a business, she wants to prove her imaginations. The way she leaves their house is suspicious too. Her innocence is a proof that she is working unwillingly.

What does this tell you about the science fiction world that Gibson develops?

Reading the whole story shows that William Gibson believes that the behavior of people is controlled by the conditions prevailing around them. There are characters who start as good ones but they are changed to fit in the existing society. They have to be bad to live. They have to hack and rob for them to survive. The operative world is left to a section of the citizens known as the Boys and no one dares play around with them. On the other hand, Bobby argues that they will remain poor forever since they do not have to mess with the business of the Boys. According to Bobby, they have to take risks if they want to achieve their plans. This conversation is not good for the partnership and may tear it apart.

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