Essay: Rioting of the Atomic Bomb

Essay: Rioting of the Atomic Bomb
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Even the popular culture defined in the book before the war respected a woman to work; it also made sure that women return back to their domestic life after the war ends. These trends were aggravated by the rioting of the atomic bomb. In this context, May states that “As the cold war took hold of the nation’s consciousness domestic containment mushroomed into a full-blown ideology that hovered over the cultural landscape for two decades” (91). It is in this part of her book that I saw her trying to make some very interesting claims.

May tries to explain how the homes of the suburban families were used for dangerous atomic bombs and at the same time used for domestication of the females. May carries on till the end of the book to clarify how the habitats of these people turned into a redeemer and a jail for Cold War families in the 1950s. While sex inside these homes was being promoted by the popular culture, everything combined to form sexual dissatisfaction, complexity, and irritation.

For American women and men during Cold War Era a successful family life was a major personal goal. They wanted to build a home with all the security and accomplishments and happiness for their families and at the same time also secure them from the bitterness of the Cold War.

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