Essay: Rise of thongs and g-strings

Essay: Rise of thongs and g-strings
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According to Saint-Laurent an author of women fashion books, around 1950 Hollywood had put up movies which had very sensual actresses like Marilyn Monroe which spiced up the change in design for panties. I believe that name is familiar with everyone and if not then you need to do some research about her after this lesson.

They wore these corsets that roused their sexual appeal. Sex appeal therefore became the selling strategy for the various undergarment companies. By 1970, the choice of durability and comfort was no longer considered and the companies competed in making designs that seemed sexier. The panties came with customized decoration and in different colours to increase the femineity. The corset soon became old fashioned and women sought for lighter sexier wear. The smaller the undergarment, the more appealing the panty became. In 1979, the South Americans specifically the Brazilians came up with a swim suit that was so narrow that it disappeared between the buttocks. The women who wore it were admired as it emphasized on their figure. This gave rise to the present thongs and g-strings that young women prefer to wear while the old conservative ones have settled on the ‘granny’ panties.

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