Essay: Rising Divorce Rates

Essay: Rising Divorce Rates
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One of the social issues that are gaining momentum slowly and steadily and poses a threat to any society is the ever increasing divorce rates. The American society, in particular, is faced with rapidly growing divorce rates. The reasons for this act given by couples may be justified to some extent but the fact of the matter stays that this practice may affect the mental and emotional stability of the future generations and impact the way they deal with different relationships.

The seriousness of this issue can be judged by the fact that the divorce rate has already surpassed 50% according to specialists (Levinger, Cherlin). The rate of divorce varies in each society and depends on the religion and religious beliefs, economic conditions, the overall bonding of the partners etc. For instance, it is noteworthy that the Bible Belt states have some of the highest divorce rates in the US (Belli and Krantzler 2000). Also, families whose income is lower than $25,000 are more likely to divorce within ten years of marriage regardless of region and religious beliefs, etc compared to couples with higher income (Emery 1998). As for the difference in the divorce rate by race, it should be pointed out that for a white population the rate is 9,8%, 11,3% for African-Americans, and 7,6% for Hispanics (Thompson 2002). The duration o the marriage also plays an important role as couples who have been married for a long time have a lesser probability of ending up in a divorce.

Children play a major role in a marriage and a divorce has the greatest impact on them only. Couples, when going for divorce especially take into consideration their children’s welfare. For instance, if a couple has a baby seven months or more after marriage it will decrease its chances to divorce by 24% (Levinger 1999). Children belonging to a broken family have problems communicating and get affected psychologically.

Coming to the possible solutions of this malice poisoning our society, it is essential for individuals who are about to get married to realize the extent of seriousness that this relationship is all about. They should get into this band only when they are psychologically ready and have the desired amount of tolerance that a marriage requires. They should know and understand that compromise is what makes a relationship work and be ready to guarantee that flexibility.

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