Essay: IT Risk Management

Essay: IT Risk Management
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Finally, this section provides a detailed discussion on the micro-level assessment of the literature reviews in this study. In this section, the researcher will be clarifying and further defining certain concepts for the further comprehension and understanding of the reader. This section contains specific definitions on terms such as “IT risk management”, “shared services”, “globalization” and “organizational design”.

The main concept utilized in this research study is the concept of “IT risk management” which involves strategies of fact finding, threat and vulnerability analysis, development and monitoring of risk indicators, management reporting of risk posture, and development of projects to address control gaps identified (ISO 17799, 2005; COBIT, 2005).

According to Rix (2007), the main concept of “IT risk management” evolved out of the active engagement of the majority of financial institutions in the use of technology in order to create, distribute, and manage their products and services (Bonnette, 2002).

Because of such engagements, the “IT risk management” has created significant impact on organizations which need to be designed to accommodate large scale multi-year projects, distribution of transaction operation/processing, management governance and oversight with a global holistic view, and real-time management of constantly evolving threats/risks of a company (Rix, 2007).

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